The Paris Peace Conference

In Lenny´s class, we have to see a video which explains the Treaty of Versailles.


1) War guilt.Explain the arguments FOR and AGAINST this term.

2) Which term followed War Guilt? How much would it be today? What consequences/impact did it have on Germany?

3) Why were the victors planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the Treaty?

4) What territorial losses did Germany have to face? What happened to the German colonies? What did Wilson dislike about this?

5) Which new nations were created after WW1?


  1. The arguments of ” War guilt” means thta Germany was blameworthy for war. The arguments for or in the side of it is that, it didn´t take so much time to Germany to declared war on Russia, on France and then to invade Belgium. The arguments against that said that Germany didn´t start the war. There were other events such the assesination of Archduke, the rivalry of Russia and Serbia and the mobilization of Russia, so the people against this term means that Germany didn´t start the war.
  2. “War Guilt” followed the reparation of damage that Germany had caused. She had to pay a big amount of money in reparations and resurces. This affected Germany in the economy and also the humilliation she had.
  3. The victors were planning to prevent a future war with Germany in the Treaty because, Germany would growth and became strong and want revenge.
  4. Germany had to face the lost on Poland, also a lot of colonies around the world, in Africa, in the Pacific or even in China. Wilson Woodrow dislike the distribution of land from one Empire to the other.
  5. The end of WW1 made Empires dissapeared such as Russia and A-H. The new nations that the video show us are: Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and some countries of Eastern Europe
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