Friendship 2

I will talk about the moment that Alvaro saved my life. Alvaro is a good friend, he has brown hair, brown eyes and a big smilie. He liked to play football, to play play station 3, to watch TV and see movies

One day I was swimming in my pool, in my country and I got an idea. My idea was to escape from my house at night and to did very crazy things. Alvaro didn´t want to come so he stayed at home, but me no. I through eggs to the houses, I rode bycicle and knocked on the door and ran. Then the police saw me and started to followed me with the police car. I was with the bycicle but I crushed with a tree so they were going to arrested me but Alvaro saved me. He came with the bike quickly and took me to the house.

I will want to pass the rest of my life with Alvaro because he saved me and a lot of more things.

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