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In “ Games at Twilight” mood and atmosphere play an important role. Comment closely on this.


 In “ Games at Twilight” the mood and the atmosphere changes along the story and through into Ravi’s feelings.


 At the beginning, the atmosphere was suffocating. Anita Desai described the children saying that they were not allowed to play outside because the weather is too hot.


On the one hand, I will focus on Ravi’s feelings when he enter to the shed. As soon he enters he feels victorious. He imagined that if he won he will be the champion of the game. The shed was dark, spooky and frightening, so he also feels scared, lonely and suffocating when it was “twilight”. After some time,he saw some forgotten things and as a result of that he felt forgotten.


 On the other hand, when Ravi got out of the shed he felt the winner, but when he touched the den, he felt insignificant. He realized that the children are playing another game. Ravi felt disappointed and depressed when the children forget him.


 In conclusion the writer Anita desai in “ Games at Twilight” changes the atmosphere and the mood through the story and into Ravi’s feelings


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