Analysis – Songs



Who is the voice?

The voice is the woman.

Write summary of each stanza?

In the first stanza, the writer compares men with children to behave how women are.

In the second stanza, we can see that men are not trustworthy.

In the third stanza, we can see that if we let them gain we will fail as a woman.

In the fourth stanza, it say that men will fight and then succeed because they are like that.

In the last stanza, we can see metaphors that compares the men with the animals and their own ways that are difficult to change.

What is the theme? And the tone?

The theme is love between men and women, and men actions. The tone is advising, warning and confident.

Find 3 literary devices and explain them.

Personification: in this poem is personification because love is personified as a child.

Metaphor: in this poem is metaphor when talk about the wolves for example.

Visual: in this poem visual is present as you can imagine for example flying.

In your opinion, which is the most powerful line?

In my opinion, the most powerful line is “ Wolves no fierce in their preying”.

Do you agree with the speaker? Give reasons.

No, i don’t agree with the speaker because it is not correct that the writer talks about of men saying that their are like animals.

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