The Paris Peace Conference – Voicethread

Lenny told us to prepare a conversation between the ” Big Three” and then to make a voicethread recording our conversation.

In my opinion,

This work was a especial moment because we can be with the people next to you that you can not talk a lot or you not know too much about them.  Also, I learn about the Big Three, and his different points of view and aims. We know that they didn´t agree between them, but they  came to an agreement like normal people.

I felt that if we study from the book, we will not learn as well as reading in the class all togheter. Another way of learning was to see videos and then all talk about it.

The thing that I personally enjoyed from the project was to prepare the draft of the conversation. I think this because when we wrote the draft we could all shared our own opinions and feelings.

To conclude, I will change that when they write and are ready to record that intead of do it in voicethread, they can do it in a video and each people of the group can take the place of one of the “BIG THREE”.


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