Source Analyze – Ramiro Aizpiri & Alexis Stankiewich

Sources Analyze

In the history class, we started a project in which i pairs of two we had to analyze some sources in the history book. I work with Alexis Stankiewich

Source 1: This source we can see an extract from Hitler’s biography, Mein Kampf, 1924. In this source we can understand the criticisms of the Treaty of Versailles. This critic was made because of the punishment that the treaty punished and humiliated the Germans because of the term they established “War Guilty” which made them suffered.

Source 3: This source shows us some memories of Jutta Ruediger, a woman who was living in Ruhr during the French occupation. This memories represent how the people in Ruhr were took by violence, hunger and abusement that made them suffered a lot.

Source 4: In this source we can see that Germany is
“decreasing” as a reference on her economic situation and Lloyd George and Briand, although they can send them a “lifeline” by giving them a lot, they made a very funny moment to laugh about Germany, so they did not help her at all.

Source 9: In this source it express or shows that hyperinflation was due to many complex things, but German people understood it in some different ways, blamed the Weimar Republic and adjudicated all the guilty to the government because they didn’t want to accept the responsibility.

Source 13: In this source we can see the new kinds or categories of movies that started to appear in that time, with a esencial change from the women before to the women afterwards, started breaking the rules.

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