The Berlin Blockade

  1. What was life like in Berlin in the post-war era?
  2. How did Soviet policy towards Berlin differ from that of the West?
  3. Why was reform of the German currency a key issue for both sides?
  4. Why was the airlift such a major feat?
  5. In what respect can the USSR and US be responsible for further increasing tensions during the airlift?
  6. Why did Stalin eventually agree to talks over the airlift?
  7. Extension question:  Who was more to blame for Berlin becoming a major flashpoint in the Cold War, the Soviets or the Americans?


  1. After the Second World War, the life in Berlin was very difficult as it was really affected. Most of the population was decreased and the ones who survived had lost the mayorioty of their personal possesions. Moreover, the people now were very poor. Most of the habitants of Berlin wanted to recover, however, it was not easy at all. As Berlin was divided in four zones made the citizens to fell scared and confused.
  2. As the Soviets wanted to crippled Germany, but USA, Great Britain and France did not, the USSR cut the roads and ruts which connected to the West, thinking that they would let Berlin. Nevertheless, USA, Great Britain and France were still sending supplies to the West Berlin by airlifts.
  3. The West Allies which were Great Britain, USA and Francehad changed the currency of their sides from Berlin. Meanwhile, the USSR took this as an attempt of damaging the Estern part of Berlin’s economy.
  4. The airlift was such a mayor feat as the Western Allies were sending supplies to their zones as the USSR had cut the ruts to West Berlin. The Soviets did not like this idea of sending airlift and they would not give up easily. Finally, the Bloackade was broken down.
  5. The US and the USSR could be responsible for further increasing tensions during the airlift because as they were very suspicious of each other, they were always prepare of the other ones moves and steps. However, both of the countries were trying to go to war.
  6. Stalin agreed to talk over the airlift because as the Western Allies did not stop of sending supplies into Berlin, Stalin realized that they were not going to give up as he thought before.
  7. In my opinion, the USSR and the USA were both to blame for Berlin becoming a major flashpoint in the Cold War. On the one hand, the USSR was responsible because she did the Berlin Blockade which was the last straw. On the other hand, the USA had also been responsible as she had tested an atomic bomb without consulting the Soviets.
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