Essay Heart and Mind

Essay Question;

                           Comment closely on how the poet conveys her ideas through the use of vivid description, metaphors and comparisons.

    In the poem, The Heart and Mind, written by Edith Sitwell deals with two binary opposites: the physical love and the love of the heart and the mind. Through it she uses literary devices such as simile, personification, alliteration among others.

     First of all, Sitwell uses vivid impressions to express her message by using in deep the image of the Lion speaking to the Lioness. Moreover, the word “amber” that the writer uses in the first stanza brings to our mind the colour of the lioness pelt and the word “dust” highlights her precious. Also, by using this kind of words she expresses that when you get older, you are not beautiful and passion anymore, referring to  that superficial love is not eternal. Edith Sitwell uses another potential and essential descriptions such as, “the fire that sun and heart and the moon-cold are one”. Here we can see that the image suggested that the sensation of true love is only surface, after the passion had disappeared. As the words of the Lion to the Lioness, the viewpoint of the author is convey: the love of the heart and mind will remain.

    Secondly, she uses some well-explained metaphors all through the poem which help readers to understand her ideas. To start with, she says again her point of love being finite; “said the skeleton lying upon the sand of times”. Edith uses this metaphor to express her point that nothing is eternal and forever so you can’t lose time. In addition, here she also says that the love of the heart and the mind is the only one that in a relationship will survive, meaning that passion in a couple is not enough to achieve success. This is evidently explains through the skeleton which represents what is left and continues all throughout time.

     Thirdly, she uses comparisons which helped her to explain her point. First, comparing the the physical body of a person and their mind is to explained the idea of eternity. This is clearly when she says “more powerful than all dust”. This is referred that the physical body some where will disappear, however the soul don’t. Nevertheless, the love of the saul, heart and mind will stay alive while the fire of passion will get to an end. The writer wants to transmit that the physical love is not eternal, but the true love it is.

     To conclude, Edith Sitwell uses a variety of metaphors, comparisons and vivid impressions to explain her viewpoint about love. In the end of the poem, we can see that the final message of Heart and Mind is that relationship has to have true and superficial love to remain.


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