Self Reflexion

To start with, during the entirely year I think I have enjoyed the subject a lot. In my opinion, I liked a lot the fact that Pato gave us a poem or story to read alone and the next class we discuss the (poem or story). Also, the kind of activities Pato gave us to do during the class in Facebook and the fact that we had made a lot of essays. I believe I improve in writting essays and if I commit in doing it I know I can.

Moreover, the fact that we have read a lot of poems and stories made me realized that most of them are not difficult and this was all to practice and see our performance in the IGSCE.

Finally, I really enjoyed the year of Literature and I hoped we can continue doing the activities Pato prepare.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Rami!! I do believe you have improved a lot as regards writing!!
    Great work!!

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