I am Malala Activity – Song

Pilar in class, told us to each base group to choose an activity to work on. Our group had to prepare a rap/song defending Malala´s dreams and thoughts. I worked with Anouk and Belen.

Here is our song:

I wanna make this nation proud
and one day say things loud

without being put down


I wish we were free
with the power of our speech,
change our world and how it’s perceived

do we have doubts and beliefs

that nobody entrusts
but one thing’s certain

My goals will adjust

Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit

cause nonetheless people try to put me off
nothing can pull me down and make me cough

I’m working on turning my dreams into a reality
and changing the vision of every personality


Make the ones who chose to be blind see
focusing their minds on what I want them to be
To show that despite we’re broken

either inside or outside
we can stand powerful together without a disguise


I’ve been always taught to fight for my right

Especially in this world

where the suppressors don’t let us shine in our own light


I wish the Taliban detected

That what is trying to settle

Shall be perfectionated


It, is making fortunes

from our misfortunes

Oppressing us

The ones who should be allowed to discuss


We no longer have a voice

And we must recover it

But not by the force


I hope that in the future

I can look back
and see a new generation.

Peaceful and e-qual

Convey the talents of womanhood
and show they must be embraced

by every neighbourhood

Not only nationally

But internationally


Educate the dire Pakistani people

that it doesn’t matter your state

But the attributes that Allah gav’st

which you should spread through the unpaved street

Standing straight

And fighting the dictatorship

To make it trip


I know that I’m quite young

But I’d rather be hit

Than make education extinct


These are just my thoughts and dreams

though you may think they are useless indeed.

For it’s up to you whether to destroy the regime

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